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DEC - '12

Best of 2012

Good things happens in 2012, but if I should only pick one I'll have to put the Anthrax & Hellyeah gig in March 31st.

Scott was moving like NBA point guard, my iphone camera isn't fast enough to capture that man, and he's in his 50s of age! can you believe that?!. Of all 20 pics i took, they all blurred except 4 pics i took in between songs. By the way, it reminds me to what the photographers used to call Leandro Barbosa 'the blur' bcoz he was so fast.

Scott's Randall really performed well. It roars with tones that really delivering punches, i like it better than Hellyeah's Marshalls.

As a long-time Pantera fan, surely nice to see Vinnie Paul in person. He still hitting with bottom-end of drumsticks. Vinnie rules, man.

fotografer duddy hadiwido
fotografer duddy hadiwido

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