posted by Duddy Hadiwido

DEC - '12

Fix Joomla 'Error'

In my joomla days i learned that if we 're running joomla on hosting companies that don't serving email function for a reason (like you're running it on free account).

Then sometimes you're dealing with error messages like "cannot instantiate email function" or something like that.

This will look like something wrong in the development, but actually there isn't a problem at all.

What i did to fix (or more suitable i should say hide) this was go to joomla's directory, find a folder named 'Language', hit the 'en-GB' folder, edit the en-GB.ini file with text editor.

Go to the last part of the list you'll find PHPMAILER_INSTANTIATE="Could not instantiate mail function.". Change the statement as you like, maybe "Succeeded" or "Okay".

If the error message involve user registration, edit the 'en-GB.com_users.ini' and find the corresponding error message.

There you go, disguise a meaningless error statement into a notification..

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