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JAN - '13

HTML5 to Replace PowerPoint Presentation

MS PowerPoint has been around since long time, and mostly everybody has used it. MS PP's weakness is they all look typically the same.

When it comes to create impressive presentation and not let the audience bored to death, one have to be able to think outside the box to prevent this kinda situation.

Visually attractive design might be able to deliver informaton better. But getting audience's attention is dead sure. Website offers unlimited possibility, why not using HTML5 to replace your presentation kit?

Either it's multi-page or single page web w/ jquery might get the job done. Hit the shift+command+F key on Chrome and Firefox and you're in the presentation mode.

Check out the quick sample of single page i've put on here and the multi page on the proving ground (needs logged in :D ). Also, there are Frameworks for HTML5 presentation available in the net. The one i've been testing is called reveal.js by Hakim El Hattab. That thing works great.

Lets point some disadvantges of presentation with HTML5. One. since it's web, you'll going have to understand basic html.

Two. It can be a slightly problem if you have to print the actual slides from the presentation.

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