La Vida es un Constante Aprendizaje

14 JAN - '13

Wanna learn something to broaden your horizon? why not language?

If there's a web i should put in, well...

HTML5 to Replace PowerPoint Presentation

09 JAN - '13

MS PowerPoint has been around since long time, and mostly everybody has used it. MS PP's weakness is they all look typically the same.

When it comes to create impressive presentation and not let the audience bored to death...

Web Browser Global Market Share 2012

05 JAN - '13

People's fav web browser in the year of 2012 are...

Best of 2012

31 DEC - '12

Good things happens in 2012, but if I should only pick one I'll have to put the Anthrax gig in March 31st...

Fix Joomla 'Error'

24 DEC - '12

In my joomla days i learned that if we 're running joomla sometimes you're dealing with error messages like "cannot instantiate email function" or something like that...

Live Moderation Tool

21 DEC - '12

Look back to 2011, i did a small contributon project for Diss.cuss.it,Inc.--Just a little interface translation to Bahasa.

It's called live moderation. When you running a web forum, you might...

Blu-Ray Anything

20 DEC - '12

If you're blu-ray collector, you don't wanna skip blu-ray.com. Blu-ray.com provides most of...

Antigua Retrato

19 DEC - '12

Its a revisit post, but i post stuff as i like...