Best of 2012

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31 DEC - '12
Good things happens in 2012, but if I should only pick one I'll have to put the Anthrax gig in March 31st...

HTML5 to Replace PowerPoint Presentation

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09 JAN - '13
MS PowerPoint has been around since long time, and mostly everybody has used it. MS PP's weakness is they all look typically the same.

When it comes to create impressive presentation and not let the audience bored to death...

Goofing with FD 50mm 1.4

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29 SEP - '13
I get this lens from my uncle along with a canon ftb camera. I haven't quite figure out the best way to mount the lens to EOS bodies of mine. Yet here's some of the test pics...

Twitter Gallery Card How-to

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13 NOV - '13
If you don't know twitter cards, it's a way to tweet a rich media context of your website. It's awesome for social bookmarking and give a nice value to web development (kind of)...

A Miasma of Anxiety and Evil

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14 JAN - '14
At first, the concept of this photo set were made as a representation to a movie that i dig into. But I'd find myself lost to piece together the movie. You'd know what movie I am talking about. There ain't much like this particular movie in 2013.