Reserved for New Post (Test Post)

02 MAY - '17

A post about freeware and Krita.

Simple Message Board

02 FEB - '15

This project came from a fellow web designer. what he want is a simple messenger board that allows user to register, signin/logout read and post messages.

Draw On GPS Map, Share, Navigate

17 JUL - '14

Gps device lead you astray or it takes you to narrow road leads to nowhere?. Well it's impossible for gps device to be 100% accurate on every routing options. Let someone know the route/road well draws on map on your gps device to provide routing option

A Miasma of Anxiety and Evil

14 JAN - '14

At first, the concept of this photo set were made as a representation to a movie that i dig into. But I'd find myself lost to piece together the movie. You'd know what movie I am talking about. There ain't much like this particular movie in 2013.

Managing Commercial Photo Shoot

07 DEC - '13

In this post I'm gonna share about last project i did.
On this project, my part to play is managing(some)things for this project. While the end product is photos, commercial photography isn't directly just pressing the shutter button...

Twitter Gallery Card How-to

13 NOV - '13

If you don't know twitter cards, it's a way to tweet a rich media context of your website. It's awesome for social bookmarking and give a nice value to web development (kind of)...

Goofing with FD 50mm 1.4

29 SEP - '13

I get this lens from my uncle along with a canon ftb camera. I haven't quite figure out the best way to mount the lens to EOS bodies of mine. Yet here's some of the test pics...

Repost Alert!

25 JUN - '13

When both posterous and twitwall died, they took my blog away to their graves. so i'll just repost some old entries here...

Say Goodbye In Style

28 MAY - '13

Recently, Multiply and Posterous has end their services.
We're not gonna discuss about the rise and fall of startup companies, just to take a look at their last words...