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SEP - '13

Goofing with FD 50mm 1.4

I get this lens from my uncle along with a canon ftb camera. I haven't quite figure out the best way to mount the lens to EOS bodies of mine. Yet here's some of the test pics.

I like the old logotype on the lens cap better than the new.FD 50mm f1.4 photo

Open wide at f/1.4, as, photo, fotografi

Vignette are one of things i'm looking for from open wide aperture. Combined with my custom picture style (like in this pic), at the right scene, sometimes brings up vignette even, fotografi, photo

A little comparison. The left pic shot with an ef 85mm 1.8 on the same camera, parameter settings adjusted to match the pic taken with FD. No photoshop in play aside of downsamping the pics and to crop the 85mm to match the fov.

EF85mm 1.8 vs FD50mm 1.4 on 5D

There it is. Final words, it's hard for me to get consistency in terms of sharpness and colors out of this lens in every shot taken. I would say this kind of lens will satisfy (some) tone chasers, but not for the ones who seek for optical supremacy. As for me, this is a new toy to stifle boredom.

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