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DEC - '13

Managing Commercial Photo Shoot

Hi there.

In this post I'm gonna share about last project i did.
On this project, my part to play is managing(some)things for the key photographer on this project. While the end product is photos, commercial photography isn't directly just pressing the shutter button and setting lights. There's a lot of things we have to figure. Luckily I had the chance to do this so i can learn more about management.

It is similar to organizing seminar/workshop, Just like seminar events, photo session have an agenda. And that is, to execute photo conception from the layout that comes from creative brief. To do that there's series of activity involved. Planning of venue. Determining proper studio not only for the staging purpose to make the studio look like an office corner (or etc.) as required in the photo shoot layout, but suffice to host the attendee from the agency, the client and other professionals such as digital artist, makeup artist and etc. This will lead to outlining seminar (aka photo session) event's needs such as style of room setup (this case studio), time of event, food and beverage requirements, A/V need (this case photo shoot presentation to be displayed to clients). Last and certainly not least, we have to do the staging ourselves. Awesome. Communication is essential, have to make sure agency & client get what their need by the end of session, otherwise all this circus will count for nothing. And that's beyond disaster.

Issues to be expected;
Schedule change - Just like butterfly effect, this may disrupt the availability of one or more crucial component for the shoot. No one likes to making a decision in last minute, you just lace em 'up and get ready for anything. Technical glitch - Make sure we have insight of the equipment being use for the event (camera etc).

Thoughts; If there are some vendor or service that provide rig for staging purposes, It would put off some worries. Even vendors that rents the likes of sofas, coffee tables, carpets, curtains would help. So if you're in Jakarta and you're in those business and reading this, feel free to contact me.

About this project:
Client - Nutricia
Agency - Colman Handoko
Photographer - Monica W
Wardrobe & Styling - Eya
Technical & Digital Assistant - Ahmad
DI Artist - Hendry
Make-up - Heru

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