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JUN - '13

Repost Alert!

When both posterous and twitwall died, they took my blog away to their graves.. so i'll just repost some old entries here.

Comic-book appeal portrait. i don't remember what i wrote in the twitwall, but i remember this one took awhile workin' on it.

portfolio foto fotografer duddy hadiwido

Hipstamatic frenzy. I think composition is the main menu in every form of art. I don't think there are the real rule for that, you can't teach something like that. You just gotta practice a lot more. And street shot is one of the good way to learn to frame stuff. I like Hipstamatic over the insta, shoot and print.

For me it's really took a lot of effort figuring on how to make a custom cms. At that time i was knee-deep with joomla, but it's really cool to make something out from sketch of my own. Learn what's works and what's people don't need, resulting slimmer thus faster to load website than joomla. I'm not saying it's better than the well-known cms that developed by groups of the best programmer and developer in the world, definitely it's no better. But it serve the purpose well for blogging/news and products/catalogue.

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